28 January 2021
NI4OS training platfrom
Europe/Bucharest timezone

This national capacity building training event is part of a series of similar events in the domain of European Open Science Cloud, organized by the NI4OS-Europe project.

The aim of this event is to provide participants with relevant knowledge and technical details about open science policies, thematic and generic services and repositories, specific NI4OS-Europe on-boarding processes for these EOSC resources and the supporting pre-production environment, requirements for data repositories certification, assessment of research data FAIRness.

Target participants are representatives of various potential stakeholders of the future National Open Science Cloud Initiative that is going to be set up during the project run, including policy-making organizations, research institutions and universities, e-infrastructure providers, scientific libraries, innovative SMEs.

The event is jointly organized by the Romanian partners in the NI4OS Europe project: UEFISCDI and ICI Bucharest.

NI4OS training platfrom

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