NI4OS-Europe training is an integral component in the project’s agenda for raising FAIR and EOSC awareness and diffusing know-how in the national settings where NI4OS-Europe partners act. National NI4OS-Europe trainings are organized by country representatives who engage with national stakeholders to communicate Open Science and EOSC principles, enhance their capacity on those topics and support implementation activities. This is the first NI4OS-Europe training event organized in Greece. It aims to provide Greek service providers and/or end-users of generic and thematic services and data repositories with the skills necessary for them to participate in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The course will be held online via zoom.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Greek NI4OS-Europe training event, participants will be able to:

  • Use the NI4OS-Europe Pre-production environment 
  • Make use of the current EOSC portal characteristics in their everyday work
  • Understand how to implement FAIR principles
  • Achieve interoperability of repositories


The event will be completed in two days and the agenda has as follows:

Fist day:

The presentations will introduce the EOSC Profiles and the Pre-production environment provided by NI4OS-Europe project for EOSC onboarding purposes. Hands-on sessions will follow where participants will be guided into completing their Provider and Resource profile on the Agora  Resource Portfolio tool.

GRNET - National Infrastructures for Research & Technology

  • Introduction to EOSC and its benefits (15’)  
  • Resource Management and Onboarding to NI4OS (15’)

  • Introduction to NI4OS AAI  (15’)

  • Argo Monitoring in EOSC & NI4OS (15’)

  • Q&A - Discussion

Second day:

The presentations will introduce the service template created by the NI4OS-Europe project for EOSC onboarding purposes as well as the OpenAIRE guidelines for interoperability. Hands-on sessions will follow where participants will be guided into completing the NI4OS-Europe template and using the OpenAIRE validator service to check compatibility issues.

Repository services onboarding – ATHENA Research and Innovation Center

  • Introduction (5')
  • Metadata guidelines for interoperability (15')
  • PROVIDE Dashboard + Demo (20')
  • Coffee Break (10')
  • Hands-on (45')
  • Q&A - Discussion


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