16-17 March 2020
NI4OS training platform
Europe/Belgrade timezone

Engagement of stakeholders is essential for the implementation of the EOSC vision. Direct communication and an active network of Open Science actors can play a crucial role in supporting the breakthrough of EOSC. For this reason, NI4OS-Europe has set up a network of people active in Open Science who will act as the Open Science, EOSC ambassadors at national level.

An overview of the current situation and all the aspects that an EOSC ambassador should know for the transmission of knowledge will be provided with this series of webinars.


1. Introduction to EOSC (speaker Emma Lazzeri)  Monday 16/3/2020 9:00-11:00 am, CET

The main scope of this webinar is to provide an overview of EOSC. The participants will be able to better understand what is EOSC, what is the Governance structure & the WGs and what has been done so far by these groups and who can be affected by their work. The implementation stage/current status of EOSC and useful information about what material can be used to the promotion of EOSC will be also presented.

2. EOSC: Infrastructures & Services (speaker Dušan Vudragović) Monday 16/3/2020 12:00-14:00 pm, CET

This webinar will provide the necessary information that EOSC Promoters' should know about: What is the current situation, How, who and what kind of infrastructures and services the EOSC promoters should approach, On boarding procedure, How to Explain, what material can be used.

3. EOSC & Policymakers, Legal issues. National implementation & actions to be taken (speakers Prodromos Tsiavos & Panoraia Spiliopoulou) Tuesday 17/3/2020 9:00-11:00 am, CET

Promoting EOSC to policymakers: What you should know. Some main legal aspects that EOSC Promoters will have to have in mind and material that can be used.

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