FAIR data principles - Train the trainers event

Edit Klára Görögh (University Library of Debrecen) , Judit Fazekas-Paragh (Univeristy of Debrecen)

FAIR data principles are created to make research data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. These principles help us to facilitate navigation in open science, to share knowledge and make scientific work collaboratively using digital technologies.

The webinar series introduce training techniques and the concept of FAIR data principles. The three sessions target primarily NI4OS Europe partners and EOSC ambassadors. The main goals of the webinars are to give a deeper understanding of FAIR principles and to provide guidelines on the implementation of training practices.

  • Wednesday, 19 February
    • 10:00 11:30
      3P: Principles, procedures, platforms (UKIM)

      The potential NI4OS trainers will be introduced to general didactics principles and training techniques needed for running the national training events. The NI4OS specifically designed training procedures and organizational aspects will be presented, together with the specifics of the NI4OS events management system and training platform.

    • 14:00 15:30
      FAIR data principles (DANS)

      The webinar will introduce and discuss the concepts of FAIR data principles, Services that support FAIR data, Research data management and NARCIS “The Dutch experience” in creating a national catalogue of research output . Also, an overview of services and tools to support open science will be given. The webinar is aimed at data supporters working in universities and other scientific organizations. The aim of the webinar is that the participants can use the information provided in the webinar as a basis for further dissemination within their community.

      The trainers in the webinar are Cees Hof and René van Horik, active in the EOSC-hub (eosc-hub.eu) project and working at DANS, the Netherlands institute for permanent access to digital research resources (dans.knaw.nl/en/) The EOSC-hub project aims to bring together service providers to support data-driven research.

  • Thursday, 20 February
    • 10:00 11:30
      Train the Trainers method (UD)

      This webinar focuses on the main features of the train the trainers method. It also offers practical guidelines on how and where to choose the right FAIR tools. As a demonstration of practical implementation of FAIR principles, Peter Bay talks about the use of FAIR practices in the biochemical field.