Slovenian NI4OS-Europe End-User Training

MS Teams

MS Teams

Dunja Legat (University of Maribor Library) , Brina Klemenčič (University of Maribor Library) , Damjan Harisch (Arnes)

Big data management is a major challenge, as it is necessary to establish a process that ensures quality, findability, accessibility, and reusability of data. In this seminar, we will present practical examples on how to prepare data, document it, and publish it in the repositories of the National Open Access Infrastructure (OAI).

    • 10:00 12:00
      Research Data Management 2h

      We will first learn about data types, the life cycle of data (design and retrieval, collection and creation, processing and analysis, publication and sharing, long-term management, reuse), and working with data (how to make data FAIR for humans and machines, what metadata needs to be collected for data set description, file naming, versioning, file formats, data cleaning and transformation, documentation and citation, data storage, archiving, confidentiality, intellectual property protection, and data ownership, protection, encryption, authenticity and integrity, regulation, sustainable conservation, ethics, GDPR, anonymization…). Finally, in three data management plan examples, we will learn how to start writing a data management plan (what we need to describe, what the requirements of funders are, and what tools can be used).

      Speaker: Dr Milan Ojsteršek (University of Maribor)
    • 12:00 13:00
      Lunch break 1h
    • 13:00 15:00
      Sharing Research Data via the National Open Access Infrastructure 2h

      In the second part, participants will learn how to upload data sets into one of the repositories of the national open access infrastructure:
      • Login with a digital identity or user account.
      • Metadata inclusion.
      • Installation of iRODS client for Linux and Windows.
      • iRODS Basics.
      • Transfer large files via iRODS.
      • Possibility to submit requests for access to data in restricted access.
      • Providing restricted access to data.

      Speaker: Mr Janez Brezovnik (University of Maribor)