The society of the future is knowledge and innovation-based. Research and innovation activities develop new knowledge, skills, and competencies and their use, the generator being research data. The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and the European supercomputing initiative EuroHPC provide everything needed to manage research data and support the advancement of science and technology. Meanwhile, in Slovenia, these initiatives further encourage domestic investment in data management, supercomputing networks, knowledge technologies, and data repositories. In order to maintain integration in international research flows, we must provide the conditions for the development and maintenance of the necessary e-infrastructure, which will enable us to take full advantage of emerging collaborative forms of research (European Open Science Cloud - EOSC), based on internationally connected data research infrastructures and services for researchers. Liaison activities with EOSC in Slovenia are organized by the Slovenian representatives in the European project  National Initiatives for Open Science in Europe (NI4OS-Europe).

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